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We are at the fore front in championing a ‘Better life for rural African women’ across rural African communities – with focus on widows and single mothers, while creating entrepreneurship opportunities for the next generation of women entrepreneurs in Africa.

We are at the fore front in championing a ‘Better life for rural African women’ across rural African communities – with focus on widows and single mothers, while creating entrepreneurship opportunities for the next generation of women entrepreneurs in Africa.

Felix king foundation was founded by Dr Felix King Eiremiokhae in 2014, an Honorary Georgia citizen awardee and a recipient of America’s President, Donald Trump’s presidential pin for life time achievement, 2018. An entrepreneur and a philanthropist who is passionate about widows, rural women and the development of the next generation of women entrepreneurs in Africa.

Felix King Foundation’s pillar premise seeks to economically empower women to re-invest in their families and communities, producing a multiplier effect that spurs economic growth and contribute to the community peace and stability.

Today, The felix king foundation, through the foundation’s BETTR LIFE FOR RURAL AFRICAN WOMEN’S community programs, thousands of widows and economically active rural women are fully and freely participating in the economy of their communities. And in 2019, in addition to the rural women programs, the foundation positioned it self as a catalyst for lifting the next generation of women entrepreneurs in Africa . This through a the Startups Africa platform.


Felix King Foundation believes when women lead, everything changes . In today’s world, gender equality is an economic imperative and supporting women’s economic empowerment and leadership opportunities will drive growth for our communities , our people and society.

What We Know:
When you take away the barriers that hold women down, women will lift not just themselves, but everyone around them.
With the Better life for rural African women program , widows and single mothers are able to send their children to school, provide medicine and clean drinking water for their children , put food on the table for their children , and are able to hope for a better tomorrow.

Our Programs and Initiatives Span Three Pillars:

1. Philanthropic, with a focus on our communities:
We have set a target through the “CLUB 5000” – an on going initiative to foster economic growth by providing 100,000 widows and single mothers in rural African communities with a business education, access to capital and networks by 2030. To date, the program has supported thousands of women through the Better Life for rural African women initiative , and these women are increasing revenues, creating jobs and paying it forward. Now with The ‘adopt a club ‘ platform and Startups Africa available online, the Felix King Foundation’s goal of lifting 100,000 women by 2030 – will see this vision to support female entrepreneurs in more rural communities in Africa a reality.

2. Commercial, with focus – The Startups Africa
In November 2019, we announced the foundation’s commitment through The Startups Africa  to invest $2 in women-led tech start-ups and small business with great potentials and ideas, as well as build a regional community of women business leaders to facilitate connections, share ideas, and uncover opportunities. We believe investing in diverse teams leads to out-performance and will drive growth. This is in addition to our desire for public partnerships and private sector collaborations to enable us spend additional $200,000 yearly for the widows and rural women programs.

3. Academic, with focus on markets
We have analysed the essential role women play in the labour force and in driving economic growth around Africa. Our work has highlighted policy steps that government can take to expand girls’ education and boost the share of women in the work force.


In 2014, we founded the Felix King Foundation, a non -for -profit foundation to help vulnerable widows and rural women through different entrepreneurial support programs and ideas that create opportunities for a better community.

Since then, with the support from Oracle Experience Limited, we have inspired and incubated a number of life changing initiatives for these women, their children and the communities they live, like; Widows’ Market Moni, Rural women cooperative development, Wifarm program which support women farmers, Educational Aid for widows children, The Felix King Cooperative – a platform that enables rural women cooperatives to pitch for a $5000 (five thousand dollars) cooperative grant. And these have spurred much needed change in the communities.

These programs have over the time bring women together, encourage themselves not to accept the unacceptable, turn challenges into opportunities and to always push boundaries that inspire better life and better communities. At the last quarter of 2019, the above platforms were collapsed into a singular umbrella platform known as BETTER LIFE FOR RURAL AFRICAN WOMEN. The Better life singular focus is the CLUB 5000 which will help these women to collectively progress in the traditional women meeting group format that accelerate women cooperatives.
– The CLUB 5000 format allows 20 like-minded women per a club.
– Each club member gets $80 to accelerate or start up a trade/farming
– Each club gets an opportunity to pitch for a $10,000 cooperative seed grant

2019, in addition to the rural women programs, the foundation has positioned itself as a catalyst for lifting the next generation entrepreneurs in Africa. This through a commitment that will connect, inspire and empower these next generation African entrepreneurs through the Startups Africa platform.

Being a female entrepreneur in Africa is not easy. Women had to work twice as hard to succeed.
Because we understand the journey of struggles, and the value of supporting women to support their families, their community and each other, we birthed The Startups Africa. This is based on our conviction, that with the right support, the next generation of women entrepreneurs, can champion the direction of a new world of possibilities.

The Startups Africa is a Hub for female entrepreneurs in Africa for early-stage women funded/founded or women led start-ups pitching and networking opportunity, brand exposure through media/PR, and professional support in the crucial early-stages of idea validation, getting first funding of up to $10,000 (seed funding) and getting seen by angel investors and venture capitalist.

The Startups Africa is a full day business conference that brings together female entrepreneurs, business experts, media, investors, community and government leaders to support and encourage women in tech start-ups and small businesses.
During the event, attendees will be immersed in a high-impact program featuring informative keynote speakers who will share actionable strategies on how to build and grow a successful business.
The event will also feature an interactive panel discussion with successful women entrepreneurs and the opportunity to network with inspiring women leaders and entrepreneurs from across the content.

The Startups Africa conference experience will culminate into a business idea pitching competition sessions before judges, angel investors and world venture capitalist, where participants will not only learn how to turn ideas into action, but get up to $10,000 three-fold seed capital.

The The Startups Africa conference is a unique opportunity to :
– learn new skills to succeed in business
– Get exposure for your business ideas
– connect with various business support organisations
– network and build new business relationships
– empower women entrepreneurs to be catalyst of change
– celebrate the contributions of women entrepreneurs in the continent

This dynamic event is designed to unite female entrepreneurs in all stages of business development with topics from branding and marketing to networking and business strategy to access to market in an African environment to Organizational structure. The Startups Africa Conference is the learning and professional development event for any woman starting or growing business and will serve as an incubator for our female entrepreneurs to the world.

Watch a personal message from Dr Felix King Eiremiokhae about The Felix King Foundation.