The Liberty Project For The Abolishment Of Widows’ Maltreatment

Liberty project for the abolishment of widows maltreatment is to give voice to the voiceless vulnerable women and widows with one objective – ‘ the abolishment of widows maltreatment’ in different communities were obnoxious practices are still very prevalent. This is done through legislative palling, community advocacy and re- orientation of the conscience of the custodians of these custom and tradition. This strategy, we believe could play a major role in abolishing those obnoxious practices in communities that prejudice against widows and women.



“Bill For The Protection Of Widows, Orphans, Disadvantaged Women From Maltreatment And Other Allied Matters Relating”
This Bill when passed, will provide for the protection of Widows, Orphans and other vulnerable persons from maltreatment, harassment, unjust disinheritance, discrimination and prejudice, and to provide legal frame work for, defence and enforcement thereof in Edo State.

On the success of this Bill, more Private Bills will be sent to different Houses of Assembly on the need to abolish widows maltreatment in their different states by criminalising the practice.

Felix King visits  the Edo State house of Assembly to present a private bill that will see to the abolishment of Widows’ maltreatment in the state when passed.

Felix King and team paid a Courtesy visit to the Government house to solicit for the support of the first lady of the state towards achieving the bill agenda sent to the Edo State House of Assembly.

Felix King and team, hosted at the Government house by the wife of the Governor of Edo State


An hash tag #abolishwidowsmaltreatment is created as call to action to all and sundry running though online engagement, direct engagement using neighbor to neighbor, community to community approach. We believe every voice counts and every action matters.

Celebrities are appointed as Widows Liberty Ambassadors to help create awareness and conversation for the Liberty project.

Online pledges are also encouraged for public support.

Town hall meetings with stake holders is also a strong channel in taking the liberty project to the heart of the people. The town hall meeting is a gathering of people from different works of life; traditional chiefs, women groups, civil societies, youth groups, government representatives, religious bodies etc.

The Liberty coin
The liberty coin serves as a campaign tool and a memorabilia presented to campaign ambassadors and advocates for identifying with the campaign course.

One Community at a Time Strategy:
Our ambition is to see to the abolishment of widows’ maltreatment in Edo state before the fall of 2017.

On the 21st of June we had the privilege to present a private bill for the protection of widows, orphans, disadvantaged women from maltreatment and other allied matters relating, to Edo State House of Assembly. We are hopefully, this proposed bill will be passed.

Today, this proposed bill is been supported by community enlightenment campaigns viz; town hall meetings, radio and Tv communications, Posters and other engagement activities in the communities costing the foundation millions of Naira and we are happy to spend more.

African Widows Summit

The African widows’ Summit is an annual gathering of stake holders to discuss the issues that concerns widowhood in Africa and ideas exchange. Participants are hosted from across the continent.

Guest speakers are carefully selected to deliver papers on topics that helps bring to the front burner the issues faced by widows and profuse solution in tackling these issues.

The African Widows summit is hosted every June 23rd to coincide with the International Widows day.

2017 theme was “Together we can abolish widows maltreatment” and was hosted in Edo State with over 1500 guests attending. The Edo Summit was chaired by the wife of the Governor of Edo state.

Topics of discuss by speakers at the summit:

  1.  Women as catalyst for economic development in the community.
  2. Girl child education – Panacea for potential growth.
  3. Law and custom – striking a balance for a healthier and more productive society.
  4. confronting inequity to promote change.

Meet Our Guest Speakers

Prof. Osaretin Aigboho, Ph.D. (Law)

Dr. Joe Odunmakin

Hajia Aisha Yesufu

Dr. Aliu Momoh

Meet Other Guests

Who is attending
Association of Female lawyers
Women associations
Student representatives
Professional bodies
Widows 3 per constituency
Representatives of the oba
Christian and Muslim women associations
Teachers union
Traditional council of chiefs
State Government representatives
Local government reps.