International Widows Day

The Felix King Charity Foundation is organizing the first-ever International Widows Day Conference in Nigeria with a theme “The Right of a Widow”. This conference will have a panel of professionals to x-ray the 2014 supreme court judgment on the right of women to inheritance.
This is going to be a 2 in 1 event, aside the conference, we will also be launching the Widows Trade Empowerment Scheme called WISBIZ (Widows start-up a business). This is a scheme that provides widows with financial support and necessary training to
start-up a business of their own and become self-reliant.
This event will be attended by the Speaker of Edo house of Assembly Hon. Elizabeth Aitivie, the Deputy speaker Rt Hon. Justin Okonoboh, Honorable Commissioners from Lagos State and members of Lagos house of assembly etc.
In addition, we will be expecting host of celebrities from Nollywood, Women groups and the media.
I am happy to announce names of our panelist which includes; Mrs. Omotola Rotimi Director, Office of the Public Defender Lagos State, Chief Mrs. Nkechi Udeariry Okemini President, National Women Council of Nigeria. , Dr. Ashiru, President Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria (FOWMAN), Mrs.Rosemary Giwa-Amu (Rtd. Magistrate) of Justice and peace commission, Liborous Oshoma a Solicitor & Advocate and Portfolio Consultant, Prof. Ibinabo Agiobu-Kemmer, Head of Department of Psychology University of Lagos.
In total there will be approximately 150 attendees.


The Speech Delivered by Felix King Eiremiokhae, President Felix King Charity Foundation on the  Occasion of The 2016 International Widows Day at Lagos Sheraton Hotel, Lagos Nigeria

Today will go down in history as one of the most special days in my life yet filled with sadness because of the pains of our widows.
I set out on a journey to bring smiles to the faces of our suffering widows, step by step, day by day, I move to the next level of my dream with the support of everyone present here today, my friends and family, especially my wife; Mrs. Aderonke King. 
Widowhood is an invisible but huge problem across Nigeria and the world today.
I am really excited to be hosting this important conference attended by such a distinguished audience.I know what hectic and demanding lives you lead, so I want to thank you warmly for finding the time to join us today.
There are so many people of expertise and achievement among you today that it seems almost unfair to single anyone out.
But if I would, I will like to send particular thanks to the Hon. Speaker of Edo State house of Assembly  RT Hon. Elizabeth Ativie for not only honoring us with her presence but also accepting to be our keynote speaker too, I will also like to recognize the presence of the Deputy Speaker, Rt Hon Justin Okonoboh and other members’ of Edo House of Assembly Here today. Also with us today are distinguished members of Lagos House of Assembly and I would like to say big thank you to Hon Olusola Giwa, Chairman House Committee on Wealth Creation and Employment, Hon. Desmond Elliot and Hon, Olusola Sokunle Hakeem.
I said at the beginning that this is an important conference. I don`t use the word loosely, The right of a widow – the very topic of this conference – is very dear to my heart, It all helps explain why fighting for the rights of widows is a major priority for me.
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Keynote Speaker Speech

I am extremely honoured to have been chosen to be a keynote speaker at this year’s International Widows Day Conference with the theme ‘’the rights of a widow- x-raying the 2014 supreme court judgment on the right of woman to inheritance.In certain parts of Nigeria, the maltreatment of widows is common. In-laws and the community subject them to physical and emotional abuse such as being made to sit on the floor, being confined from a month to one year, having their hair literally scrapped off with razors or broken bottles, not being allowed to bathe, being made to routinely weep in public, being forced to drink the water used to wash their husband’s corpse.
The Suppression of women is deeply rooted in our culture and tradition stemming from the alleged second rate women. Based on these women are also regarded as objects of rights, rather than subjects of rights.
Widows are made to suffer double jeopardy of losing their husbands, sometimes even at the early period of their marriage, and going through some excruciating cultural rites of proving their innocence in the death of their husbands. The situation is even worse if such woman has no male child for the late husband.
Many Widows are still very much ignorant of their rights and place of enlightenment, education cannot be over emphasized in solving this problem.
We as Nigerians needs to lend our voices in condemning the various inhuman treatments that Widows go through. Many Prominent women in our society must unite and in voice continue to condemn in its totality.



The wife of the founder of Felix King Charity Foundation Mrs Aderonke King Eiremiokhae presenting widows present at the event with food items.