Abolish Widows Maltreatment Advocacy

Our Social strategy:  Follow us on our commitments towards Better Life Living for the disadvantaged widows & that of their children

Ours is a journey of faith anchored on our understanding of the challenges of widowhood in an environment like Nigeria where superstitions and weak laws of inheritance have through the years conspired to make life very tough for widows in our midst.

it is a journey of faith because the enormity of widowhood challenges in virtually all parts of Nigeria is so much that one solitary, however passionate just may not be able to accomplish much.

But we have faith. We have faith in God. We have faith in humanity and the spirit of God in us all. And with this faith, we are convinced that our little gestures will, in time, not only galvanize stronger community coalitions towards lifting widows from the pains inflicted on them by society, but will also assist in reshaping our mindset and disposition to ensure that practices in our cultures that tend to condemn widows to punishments at the demise of their husbands, are totally eradicated to enable us build a more inclusive, more justice oriented society.