2017 Report

Dear Friends,

I have always believed it is far better to give than to receive and in the past 11 months, I have been reminded of the power of giving to change lives; having seen through the work we have done this year, touching hundreds of widows and their children positively and remarkably, I am very elated.

As a product of HOPE, I know what it is like to live without Faith, Hope and Love. This is the reason we are supporting disadvantaged widows and poor rural women so that they can tell their better life stories tomorrow.

My work at Felix King Foundation in the past 11 months has been among the most rewarding endeavours of my life. I have witnessed how active poor widows have turned 50,000, 80,000 and 100,000 Naira respectively into a thriving business in the Business startup programs. I have also witnessed the unimaginable development recorded with the Wifarm programs which has allowed beneficiaries to grow their farm land from 1 plot harvest to plots and aches of farm land expansion. Now you understand why there is so much joy in my heart.

The huge success of the “abolish widows maltreatment campaign” is a milestone for us at the foundation and I want to sincerely thank everyone across the world who identified with the campaign through any of the social media platforms; and most importantly, the Edo state House of Assembly for the opportunity to present the “Abolish Widows Maltreatment Bill” which I pray and believe will be eventually passed into law in the state.

There’s no reminder more powerful than the two trips we made to Edo State that these widows need our support. During the said visits, many widows were empowered with funds for business start-ups and farming support.

I am immensely grateful to the wife of Edo state governor Mrs Betsy Obaseki for identifying with the foundation during the African widows summit to commemorate the 2017 international widows day and the wife of the former speaker of the State House of Assembly, Mrs. Betty Okonoboh for facilitating all the activities the foundation embarked upon in Edo state. I am also appreciative of the support of other stake-holders like Nollywood stars – Desmond Elliot and Mercy Aigbe for their unflinching commitments to our course serving as ambassadors to the foundation. I am also grateful to Barr. John Osighale who worked tirelessly for the foundation free of charge; this is a testament to what can be done together.

I always wonder “how could we have achieved this much without the financial support from Oracle experience and Mayor Biscuit Company (MABISCO). These companies have provided all the funds for the foundation’s activities. Thank you to the Directors of these companies for this gesture.

During this festive season, as you think about how you can make a difference in the lives of others, I hope you’ll remember how much good can be done when we all give a little – and that you’ll join our undying efforts to spread hope and opportunity to even more people in your own little way by giving something to widows or their child in your neighborhood.

The last Tuesday after Shiloh of every December is FELIX KING FOOD DAY FOR WIDOWS. To mark this day which is the 12th, we will be handing out 20 tons of foodstuff and cash to 100 widows . The food distribution is scheduled for 12 noon at Felix King Foundation Help Centre.

In 2018, the foundation will be introducing the Felix King Thrift corporative, for widows and active poor women. The kick off grant for this initiative will be Ten (10) Million Naira. The corporative will run as a zero interest recycle fund where members can get up to 100,000 naira business support refund without interest and a payback time of 12 months. The pilot program will be carried out in Edo and Ogun States in the first quarter of 2018. This concept is tailored inline with the traditional community women thrift group meetings in Nigeria.

The new board of trustees will be announced in January and I would like to say a big thank you to the board members for having faith in the activities of the foundation all through the years. I honestly believe that making the world a better place for widows, their children and active poor women should be the collective responsibility of everyone.

Our shortfall has been not giving people the opportunity to express their act of giving either small or big to this initiative. The thoughts from people wanting to contribute have shown me that people are moved by what we are doing and everyone has something of value they want to add. I do understand the power and success we will record if we open up for people to positively come together and make the foundation work much bigger and better in our society. Now, we will be opening up the foundation activities for public donations and participation.

For more information on how you can be part of our effort towards vulnerable widows and active widows, you can drop us an email.

Thank you and God bless.

Felix King
Founder: Felix King Foundation.