Our impact in 2016

Funding : 2016 programs were solely sponsored by Felix King through his companies  ORACLE EXPERIENCE & MABISCO

In 2016, despite the economic recession in Nigeria, Felix King Foundation continued it’s works to the glory of God. I am thankful to my wife, Aderonke King, and children; Lizy, Omozele, Zion, Great and Shiloh for their understanding, the staff at Oracle Experience and Mayor Biscuit company (MABISCO) for working so hard to earn income for the companies and to God for giving the strength and means to carry on with the work of this mandate.

This foundation is focused with strongly held beliefs: every widow deserves the right to liberty and the right to succeed and we are determined to make the world better for disadvantaged widows than we met it.

Today our programs are supporting nearly 1,000 widows and over 3000 children! Our programs have empowered them to overcome poverty through skill-based training, job creation, access to micro-finance, legal aid, medicare and scholarships for their children’s education.

In 2016, we financed our programs all alone without call for donation from anybody or organizations and it has been my principle not to accept such donations.

2017 – there is a strong believe that in “ togetherness we achieve more”. With the principles of this saying in mind, we will be putting up the foundation for donations to enable us address this enormous challenges in front of us.


Education is the greatest weapon to overcome poverty: 65,000 dollars was spent on scholarship awards for children between the age of 5 to 11 years. Scholarship will enable these children get free education up to senior secondary school level with an opportunity for university scholarship for exceptional children in academic excellence.

Our Impact

Mothers are more optimistic about the future of their children that was denied them by the society through this program.

Micro-finance grant

Feed a widow you feed her for a day but give her a net you will feed her for life.

$138,000 was spent on helping widows start a new life through skill acquisition and business start-up grant. Over 100 widows benefited from this program with each recipient receiving between $1000  and $1,800 grant.

With this program, we are helping hundred of widows to help themselves and become self-reliant.

Social welfare

Every woman, man, youth, and child has the human right to a secure place to live. Just as food is important for the human survival and like the saying goes…a hungry man is an angry man.

Our social welfare for widows include; housing and food

Some widows were helped with accommodation and others with food stuff like; bags of rice, vegetable oil, milk products , biscuits and beans.

This program impacted hundreds of widows and widows of fallen police officers.


Health is wealth: over $50,000 was spent on medicals.

The international widows day: THE HISTORY

International Widows’ Day serves to recognize widows and their unique situations worldwide. Widows are women whose husbands have died. After their husbands have passed, many widows are forced to fight for their human rights and overcome many obstacles to ensure their social and economic development. It is estimated that there are over 12 million widows in Nigeria, over half of which live in extreme poverty and are subject to cruel violence.

International Widows’ Day was declared by the United Nations and first celebrated on June 23, 2011 in an effort to empower widows and help them to regain their rights, which have long been ignored and violated.

Felix King Foundation was at the forefront of hosting the 2016 edition at sheraton hotels , Ikeja with a theme “THE RIGHT OF A WIDOW”… x-raying the 2014 supreme court judgement on the right of women to inheritance. with Frank Edehor (host of who wants to be a millionaire) as host and Ace broadcaster Adesuwa Onyenekwe as moderator.

The guest speaker was the speaker of Edo House of Assembly, Hon Elizabeth Aitivie.

Personalities at event include; National council of women society president, office of the public defendant, federation of Muslim women association, justice and peace commission, information and data analyst, women groups, members of Edo and Lagos house of assembly, media, legal luminaries, top celebrities and group of widows

Attendance: 600 guests

Event format : town hall

Media reach: channels tv news at 10, AIT prime time news, TVC primetime news, Hip TV, over 15 Print media stories., radio jingles in classic, ray power, cool FM, wazobia FM

Social media : 2 days trending at number 1


How to help

Give a gift of an education to a child of disadvantaged widow. Donation made will help us give more scholarships, help these kids achieve their dreams.

pledge to help disadvantaged widows get access to education for their children – pledge now

Adopt a disadvantaged widow’s child by offering direct scholarship – take action

Add your voice to abolish widows maltreatment – pledge now

spread the importance of liberty for widows – share the facts now

Pledge to support social welfare programs for disadvantaged widows in areas of food and housing – pledge now

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