The impact of social economic empowerment

By empowering disadvantaged widows through access to micro finance grants for business start-up and skills training, the lives of these widows, their families, and whole communities can be improved.

Here is what you can do to help


Give the gift of an education Donate now

Give the gift for a business start-up Donate now

Give the gift for accommodation Donate now

Pledge to be an advocate for the abolishment of widows maltreatment. Take action

Help a widow over come the challenges of being a disadvantaged widow. Make a donation to help a widow start a new life through social economic empowerment viz; business start-up, accommodation, child’s educational advancement. Donate now

Inspire communities to join campaign. Print posters, flyers , sms, spread the awareness about widows’ maltreatment in your community. Take action

Pledge to help abolish widows maltreatment: I pledge to be an advocate for widows Pledge now

Inspire the community to make a change: print and paste flyers spread awareness about the tragedy of widowhood in your community Print now

Help a widow fill a support form online Fill form

Send a message to support widows – Send message

Call old widows to pledge to stop being used to perpetuate evil against new widows – Pledge now

Share the facts about widows maltreatment to raise awareness – spread awareness of widows maltreatment by posting facts on social media. – Share now

Share and pledge to abolish widows maltreatment. – spread the word about widows maltreatment by sharing the pledge with friends and family – Pledge now

Pledge to abolish widows maltreatment : pledge to raise awareness and support victims of widows maltreatment – Pledge now

Widow share your story; now you have a voice share here – Share

Help create awareness for the supreme court of Nigeria Judgement afirming widows rights – Share